About Our Products
Chrome Trim
Top Quality
We use only the best manufacturers to supply our products. We try out all the items ourselves so we know that
they do fit and can offer genuine help and advice.

There are several manufactures of chrome trim products and we choose only to use the best! We appreciate that
the UK has diverse weather conditions and our products need to be able to withstand extreme condition
especially salt from wintertime gritting. For this reason we do not buy any made in China products - they do not
last! - Beware of this if you buy very similar items to ours but significantly cheaper, they are likely to be China

The plastic used is ABS plastic, the highest quality and for the chrome finish items, they undergo 17(!) processes
to get a deep glossy shine that will last. Some of our range are manufactured from metal, in this case high grade
stainless steel is used.
Fitting Is Easy!
The majority of our items fit to vehicles using high strength adhesive which is fitted to the
reverse of the item. This high quality adhesive is manufactured by 3M. All that is required is
to remove the tape backing & apply the item to the vehicle. In most cases it takes only a few
minutes and requires no drilling or tools. .
The level of adhesion is strong enough so there is
no chance of your items falling off or being easily
stolen yet should you wish to remove your items for
any reason they can be carefully prised off with a
small screwdriver.
Reverse side of light surround
showing strips of the tape
Reverse side of door mirror cover showing strips of the
tape adhesive
Reverse of Turbo badge
It's Easy As 1, 2,3 !!
Your accessory will come with instructions, usually on the back of the packaging but here's our instructions to
help you easily apply your great new accessory.

    Wipe & Dry
    Insure that the area you are applying the accessory to is clean and dry. Most of our items come with a
    small tube of "K-520" cleaning fluid but a damp cloth will do the job fine. Kitchen roll or a dry cloth are
    both ideal for drying the area after it has been cleaned.

    Practise Fit
    Determine the exact location of the accessory before removing the backing from the adhesive tape. This
    is very important as once the tape backing has been removed you only get one chance at fitting the
    accessory! Most items will have a "L" or "R" on the back to let you know which side of the vehicle your
    item should be applied. Where applicable a "Top" marking will also be shown.

    Finally, remove the adhesive tape backing and apply your item, aligning it carefully. Firmly press all over
    to ensure proper adhesion.
4x4 Bars
Again we use only the best manufacturers to supply our 4x4 products. We have test fitted all the 4x4 item we sell
ourselves so we know they fit and in some instances we have include our own better fitting instructions!

Unless stated all our range of side steps, A bars & rear bars simply bolt into place using existing fittings under the
4x4. No drilling is required! All bolts & fittings are included.
Car Mats
We use one supplier for these who are based in England. All our range uses the industry standard 600 pile
carpet. This is a good quality carpet which will last and is not like the thin cheaper carpet you can get in discount
stores! Templates are acquired from the manufacturers to ensure the mats fit perfectly!

Our Luxury range of mats uses 800 pile carpet to give a thicker pile in line with the carpet used in such marks as
Mercedes and Jaguar.

Some of our range include original equipment clips to clip the mats to the floor mountings. In this case the
genuine manufacturers clips are used.

Our full range of tailored mats is very popular especially on ebay. Often main dealers mats are expensive and
over priced. We offer very similar if not the same mats for significantly less in most cases!